The Manor House can accommodate functions with up to 200 guests between the months of May and October. Capacity during the months of November through April vary depending on event type. * Please note: The Manor House is closed for events during the month of January.

Function hours are for any five-hour period between the hours of 10 am and 11:30pm. The Glen Manor House hosts only one function per day. Lessee and vendors are allowed access to the facility 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of the event. Overtime is not permitted. Lessee’s property must be removed from the Manor House after the event.

May through October 

Deposit (M-Thu) – $1,000

Monday to Thursday – $3,500

Deposit (Weekends) – $2,500

Friday – $7,500

Saturday – $10,500

Sunday – $6,500

November through April

Deposit – $1,000

Monday to Thursday – $2,500

Deposit (Weekends) – $1,000

Friday – $3,250

Saturday – $4,500

Sunday – $3,750

Along with the signed lease agreement, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a date. The remaining balance, along with a $500 damage deposit, will be due 90 days prior to the scheduled event. *Note: the deposit is deducted from the rental, not in addition to the rental.

There is an additional charge of $1,000 should you choose to have a ceremony at the Manor. This fee allows you an additional hour and a rehearsal. If you contract to have the ceremony and stay within the 5-hour time allowance, there is only a $500 additional charge. This decision needs to be confirmed 90 days prior to the scheduled event.

The Glen Manor House does not provide catering services, although the office maintains a list of approved licensed caterers for your use. Our lessees are responsible for contracting with a licensed and insured caterer for their services. The Lessee and the caterer are required to conform to the Rules & Regulations regarding custodial services, cleaning responsibilities, rentals and event supervision. The Lessee is responsible for the caterer’s activities and actions while at The Glen Manor.

Beverage Service:
If alcohol is to be served, the lessee must obtain a million-dollar liability insurance policy (at a cost of $170 to $325 based on the number of guests attending) for the date of the event. (Our resident managers will assist with the details for obtaining this insurance). Insurance is not required until 30 days before the event. The town of Portsmouth permits Open Bars at the Manor House. Cash Bars are not permitted. The serving of alcoholic beverages must end by 11:30pm or thirty minutes before the end of the function, whichever is earlier. Smoking is not permitted in the Manor.

The Town of Portsmouth requires the Lessee to hire a uniformed Portsmouth Police Officer to handle traffic, parking and security. The Officer is required to be present one hour in advance and remain one hour after the function or until all guests have left and the Manor House is secured for the night. The current fee is $49 per hour (excluding holidays). A fire marshall will be required for groups of 185 and over at the Lessee’s expense ($43 per hour). Security on holidays are subject to a surcharge.Security fees are subject to future Town of Portsmouth contract negotiations, and can change without notice.

Rentals / Inventory:
The Lessee/Caterer is responsible for supplying china, glassware, flatware and linens. Tables and white garden chairs are available for rent through the Manor House at $2 each. Gold Chiavari ballroom chairs with ivory cushions are available for $5 each. Our clients are not restricted to using Glen Manor House furniture, and may use alternative rentals.

Residents of Portsmouth:
Qualified residents of the Town of Portsmouth are entitled to a discount on the rental rates. Please contact the resident manager for details.

* Rate fees are current as of January 2017, and are subject to change.
Please contact us for Holiday Rates.
* Credit cards are not accepted.
Customers will not be charged sales tax.